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MOTD A Minecraft Server
Server Version kcauldron,cauldron,craftbukkit,mcpc,fml,forge 1.7.10


Welcome to this new tekkit server. This is a community driven server which will be actively supported over a long period of time. We have a set of core guidelines that we stick to throughout the running of this server which drives this server ahead of others 1. No donator ranks. All players are equal and have equal rights. We do not even accept donations as they are not needed and will only lead to division among our players players 2. Minimal restricted items. The only banned items are those which cause lots of lag or otherwise explained below 3. Community Driven updates. All updates will be voted on so the most popular ones occur first e.g. If the player base wants a community world then they can get it by voting for it 3574.png PLUGINS - Essentials - Adds all basic functionality as well as adding an economy plugin. - GriefPrevention - Build your own small house or build a city. We ensure that your creations are protected - PermissionsEX - Used for all control permissions of all players on the server. Default rank gives access to lots of commands and functions automatically like /back and /warp - KeepItems - You don't lose your items on death. Don't be afraid of dying in lava again - Chestshop - Allows you to build your own shop along with accessing the admin shops in spawn - CoreProtect - Forget to protect your stuff? We can fix any damage done to your base through this plugin - floAuction - Sell your items to other players or outbid everyone else to gain that one item you need All Banned items - All explosives except tnt - Chunk Loaders (to reduce on lag) - Dark Matter Pedestals (Causes huge lag problems) - Turtles (Anti-grief measures do not stop turtles from mining) - Repair Tailsmen (Too powerful as an item, used in many exploits to gain emc fast) BTW All lag machines shall be REMOVED if the owner of the machine is not on. This cannot be undo and is a bit selfish to build one in the first place We are also looking for server admins and moderators. To apply come chat with us in the game. Discord Server: https://discord.gg/0fZhVuVPGzTgIYm2